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What is the vibe?

Community! Community! Community! The Ambition Center is an environment where professionals can not only come and get work done, but also share their expertise to the rest of the community. 

How can I become a member?

We want to meet you! Schedule a tour at our facility (here). Once you have toured, we will discuss your membership plan and interests. 

What is the maximum capacity at your coworking space?

Our space can host approximately 50 people.

What is the price distribution for your plans?

  • Flexible Desk | $100 per month

  • Dedicated Desk | $300 per month

  • Private Office | $5000 per month

How much does it cost to rent event space?

Approximately $100 per hour depending on space requirements and number of guests. Contact for more details.

What is the maximum capacity of your event space?

Our event space can host approximately 50 people.

My work is for profit, can I still become a member?

Yes! The Ambition Center works to establish connections with underrepresented individuals and communities, along with businesses that are flourishing

How can I stay updated on events held at the Ambition Center?

Subscribe to our email list here

Where are we located?

530 E Vienna Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212 

What amenities are included?

Wi-Fi, Parking, Printing, Coffee, Career Coaching, Media/Studio Room, Meeting Room, Mailing Service and Events.

Can I bring my clients or other members from my company into the space?

Yes, our members are allowed guests. Sign up to view rules on our guest policy.

What type of events do you host?

Industry specific seminars (in person and/or virtual), Breakfast or Luncheon Meetings, Networking socials, Workshops, and Photography.

What type of events don’t you host?

Happy hour meetups (or any alcohol influenced events).

How long are your memberships?

Our plans are flexible! We provide month-to-month leasing.

What are your building hours?

  • All Members have 24/7 Access.

  • Tuesday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

  • Weekends: Closed (except for Special Events)

  • Events: Varies (please view our Host An Event Page)

Can I visit the space for a day before I commit to membership?

Yes! Contact to retrieve your day pass.

The Ambition Center
Frequently Asked Questions

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