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We're Halfway There: Ambition Center's Impactful Event Space in Milwaukee [July 2024]

Welcome to July, Ambitious Family!

We are officially in the third quarter (Q3) of 2024. As we step into this new quarter, it’s the perfect time for business owners to reflect on their business's performance and set their sights on the rest of the year. At Ambition Center MKE, we’ve had a phenomenal first half of 2024, hosting over 20 diverse and impactful events. Let’s take a look back at some of these memorable moments and what they mean for our Milwaukee community.

Celebrating Milestones and Fostering Community in Milwaukee 📆👇🏾

January 2024: CTRL+C Re-Launch

We kicked off the year by celebrating the re-launch of CTRL+C Print and Copy Shop, founded by our newest member Christal Shipp. The event, held on January 13th, was filled with food, fun, and fellowship. Christal shared her vision and offered special print deals. It was a fantastic way to welcome her to our community and support a fellow entrepreneur. If you need printing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to CTRL+C at

Christal's journey is a testament to the power of determination and community support. Her re-launch event was more than just a business milestone; it was a celebration of resilience and creativity. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees engaging in lively conversations, networking, and forming valuable connections. The success of this event highlights the role Ambition Center plays in nurturing and uplifting local businesses in Milwaukee.

February 2024: GLOW Day/Nacho Average Game Night

February was packed with excitement, starting with GLOW 414's Nacho Average Game Night on the 22nd. This event connected community partners, credible messengers, guardians, and youth in a fun and engaging environment.

GLOW 414 is dedicated to empowering young people through innovative programs and events. Their Nacho Average Game Night was a prime example of how they create spaces for youth to engage, learn, and grow.

The event featured a variety of games, delicious nachos, and interactive activities designed to build trust and foster positive relationships. The energy and enthusiasm were amazing, and the impact on the Milwaukee community was profound. To learn more about this youth-focused nonprofit, visit their website at GLOW 414.

February 2024: The Pieces of Me Mental Health Awareness Session

Later in the month, Sabrina Hightower, founder of Zeal Services, hosted "The Pieces of Me," a mental health awareness session on February 24th. This initiative brought mental health experts and advocates together to discuss stress management, reducing stigma, and offering support to those affected by mental health issues.

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and Sabrina’s event was a vital contribution to the community. The session provided attendees with practical tools and strategies to manage stress and improve mental health.

Expert speakers shared their insights, and participants engaged in meaningful discussions. The event underscored the importance of mental health awareness and the need for accessible resources and support.

For event planning or personal assistant services, contact Sabrina at

March 2024: Identity, Culture, & Extended Adolescence

On March 21st, we explored the complex cultural and social factors influencing Black youth and young adults in Milwaukee during a session led by Derrick "Baba" Rogers. Derrick is a respected community leader and educator, and his session on Identity, Culture, & Extended Adolescence was enlightening.

He delved into the unique challenges and opportunities facing Black youth in Milwaukee, providing a nuanced understanding of their experiences. The discussion emphasized the need for culturally responsive education and community support. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation of the factors shaping the lives of young people and a renewed commitment to fostering positive change.

Hosted by our External Events Manager, Ajamou Butler, this event highlighted the importance of understanding and supporting our youth. If you're interested in hosting an event at Ambition Center, fill out our inquiry form.

April 2024: Paint the City Teal Day

April 2nd marked the 11th Annual Paint the City Teal Day Celebration, organized by Samantha Collier of TeamTeal365. This event kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM), celebrated survivors, and amplified the impactful work of Team Teal 365 in Milwaukee.

Paint the City Teal Day is a powerful event that brings attention to the issue of sexual assault and honors the resilience of survivors. Samantha Collier and her team have been relentless in their efforts to raise awareness and provide support. The event featured moving testimonials, informative workshops, and a vibrant community celebration.

The visual impact of the city adorned in teal was a striking reminder of the importance of solidarity and support for survivors. Consider partnering with this nonprofit or hiring Samantha for a workshop. Visit Team Teal 365 to learn more.

May 2024: The Cleaning Academy Launch + Hiring Event

On May 18th, our Operations Manager ChaBria Smith, founder of Advisory Living & Learning Agency, hosted an info session and hiring event to support her expanding cleaning business. ChaBria’s event marked the launch of the Cleaning Academy, a program designed to provide training and employment opportunities in the cleaning industry.

The hiring event attracted a diverse group of job seekers eager to learn and grow. ChaBria’s commitment to creating jobs and supporting economic development in the Milwaukee community is truly inspiring. Her initiative not only helps individuals secure employment but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

For commercial, residential, or Airbnb cleaning services, contact ChaBria at

June 2024: A Conversation with Danita Graham, APSW

We wrapped up the first half of the year with a powerful session hosted by T’Keyah Bennett, CEO of BLK Girl Space, on June 30th. This monthly group therapy session provided a safe space for Black women to connect and express themselves, guided by licensed professional Danita Graham.

BLK Girl Space is dedicated to creating supportive environments for Black women, and their monthly group therapy sessions are a cornerstone of their work. The session with Danita Graham was deeply impactful, offering a space for open dialogue, healing, and empowerment. Participants shared their experiences and supported one another, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The session highlighted the importance of mental health and the power of collective support.

 Visit BLK Girl Space to connect with this impactful nonprofit.

Join Us and Stay Ambitious!

Our journey doesn’t stop here. We invite you to join our vibrant community at Ambition Center MKE. For just $100 this quarter, you can access our coworking space, resources, and strategic connections designed to help Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives thrive. Complete the New Member Interest Form today and "cowork where culture is celebrated."

Joining Ambition Center MKE means becoming part of a dynamic and supportive network. Our members benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for a space to work, connect, or host events, Ambition Center is here to support your journey. Our members have thrived, leveraging the resources and connections available to achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay ambitious and let's continue to achieve great things together! For more updates and to stay connected, follow us on social media and visit our website to join our newsletter. Your success is our ambition!

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