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How Coworking Solves These 10 Issues with Remote Work

"Ambition Center MKE is a coworking space and shared office with the range and resources to solve those problems. Check out how we offer creative solutions to ten issues specific to working remotely."

The confusion around coworking spaces is clearing. More companies are trading the traditional office for hybrid options that allow employees to choose when they are in the office and when they work remotely. Some companies are forsaking the office entirely for a fully remote model. Such moves increase the popularity and importance of coworking offices like Ambition Center MKE. Remote work is shifting from the "work-from-home" standard we all adhered to at the beginning of the pandemic. Many of us enjoyed the forced pause on commuting into traditional offices, but that doesn't mean working from home, and other remote work options don't have a unique set of problems for the average employee or entrepreneur.

Ambition Center MKE is a coworking space and shared office with the range and resources to solve those problems. Check out how we offer creative solutions to ten issues specific to working remotely.

1. Distractions

Home is where all of our favorite things – and distractions – reside. It's too easy to go from sending an important work email to cleaning up the living room because you noticed it's a little dirty. Coworking offices are already clean and offer a space away from being distracted by the things you love.

2. Rising Rent Costs

Not everyone who works remotely does so from home. Some sign leases to rent private office space. Unfortunately, rent costs across the country are rising rapidly in residential and commercial areas. Ambition Center MKE offers the same setup with shared or private office options at a fraction of the cost.

3. No Structure or Consistent Schedule

One thing traditional offices got right is providing structure around the workday. Remote work removes a lot of that structure, replacing it with flexibility and autonomy. When the individual designs the workday structure, it's easier to get cornered into never being "off the clock." A coworking office helps you create a consistent schedule that doesn't permanently blur the boundaries between work and life.

4. Limited Travel

Remote work has made travel more accessible. When you're not tied to the office to work, you can make anywhere your office. Many coworking spaces offer a day pass and flexible membership options, making it easy to pack up what you need and travel as you see fit without disrupting your work routine and schedule.

5. No Dedicated Working Space

]Working from home often looks like setting up your laptop and other work materials wherever it's most convenient for you. This can be the kitchen table, the couch and coffee table pairing, or even your bed. Though convenient, it's a quick path to removing the barrier separating work and home. Ambition Center MKE has multiple spaces curated for inspiring, comfortable workspaces that support productivity.

6. Lack of Productivity

By minimizing distractions and the parts of home life that could interfere with completing your work, coworking spaces are optimized for productivity. In a typical workday, your energy and efficiency fluctuate. While working from home, you're more likely to give in to those moments when your energy is low or what you're working on is a bit boring. A coworking office is intentionally designed with these fluctuations in mind, offering a range of spaces to support different working styles and adding aspects that keep your energy high.

7. Feeling Disconnected from Work

Without the traditional office setting, remote work can make you feel less attached to your coworkers and your job altogether. Being disconnected from work can take the meaning out of it and make us wonder what's the point beyond making the financial ends meet. Like other coworking offices, Ambition Center MKE gives remote employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs a diverse place to work around like-minded individuals. The simple act of "going to work" infuses a bit of meaning and purpose back into doing the work.

8. Social Isolation

If you're like me, when you first started working from home, it was a gigantic breath of fresh air. I felt a renewed sense of purpose and desire for my work now that I didn't have to commute further than my living room and the office politics were limited. Unfortunately, that breath of fresh air eventually became a whiff of suffocating solitude. Remote work curbed socialization, and loneliness crept in.

Coworking offices provide many opportunities for socialization. The environment at Ambition Center MKE fosters meaningful connections that motivate, teach, and allow remote employees and other professionals to socialize in a way they can't when working from home.

9. Disrupting Home With Your Work Schedule

Some remote workers fill their days with important virtual meetings and phone calls. Those same calls and meetings can bother the other people in your home and create unnecessary tension. Join a coworking office to further separate work from home, not just for your mental health but for the mental health of everyone in your home.

10. Limited Resources

Not every remote employee has the internet bandwidth to match the demands of their job. We don't all have home office printers to fulfill various printing and copying needs. When it comes to resources, coworking offices do the heavy lifting. Ambition Center MKE offers high-speed wi-fi, printing and copying, mailing service, and more. You don't have to neglect resource needs or spend additional money on them. Coworking spaces have your back in that regard.

Remote work doesn't have to turn into another form of work to fear or reject. Coworking offices are evolving to meet the needs of young professionals and entrepreneurs. Ambition Center MKE has an environment and coworking community that offers viable, affordable solutions to the problems naturally created by long-term or permanent remote work. If you experience any of the issues in this list, connect with us to learn how we can help give back some of what was taken away or changed by the shuttering of traditional offices.

What is Ambition Center MKE?

Ambition Center MKE Coworking is the most diverse and inclusive, and northernmost private office and coworking space in Milwaukee. We offer daily tours of our space. We are located at 530 E. Vienna Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212. Our team would love to meet you ... book a tour today!

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