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4 Biggest Coworking Myths Debunked

"With a new generation of individuals entering the workforce, the employment landscape has changed. As a result, work looks and feels differently. Ambition Center MKE is proud to be at the forefront of that change."

Why is everyone talking about coworking?

In the not-so-distant past, if you worked remotely and didn’t want to work at home, you were relegated to the library or your nearest coffee shop as viable choices to switch up your “office space.” Although it has its domestic origins in 2005 in San Francisco, coworking has gained popularity and momentum over the last few years.[1] The pandemic and a push for remote work have helped make coworking a premier option in the modern workforce.

In 2020, globally, there were around 14,500 coworking spaces. According to Coworking Resources and their published study, “Global Coworking Growth Study 2020,” the number of coworking spaces worldwide will grow by 116% by 2024, reaching a projected 41,975 spaces.[2]

The pandemic isn’t the only reason millions of people around the world are choosing coworking over home offices. There are myriad reasons why people have turned to coworking and private office spaces to meet the growing demand for affordable workspace that checks every box.

Amongst the appraisals and general positive discussion surrounding this new-ish workforce trend, there’s a host of bad press making its round in the form of myths and misunderstandings. With this rush to popularize remote work, everyone has to decide what option works for them. This article debunks some of the more common myths and objections to coworking to help you make the best decision to meet your office and remote work needs.

What are the myths?

1. Coworking only works for certain personality types.

Most people aren’t sure what occurs in coworking spaces., and if you asked the average person about the differences between introverts and extroverts, they’d give you an answer that points to how each group prefers to socialize. Though coworking spaces like Ambition Center MKE offer endless opportunities for socializing and connection, that’s not the sole nor primary reason many members opt to work in our space.

Extroverts thrive off intermingling with others, and it’s true that introverts tend to limit their social interaction. However, both groups require social contact, networking, and connection to thrive in their businesses and careers.

Ambition Center MKE provides different options that make coworking a suitable choice for all personality types. We foster and promote a culture of socializing that happens at the pace and comfort of each member. Unlike the traditional office space, there is no pressure to network or chat with coworkers; the control over when and how you choose to engage belongs to you.

2. It’s too expensive.

When considering the cost of a coworking membership, your mind immediately jumps to the reasons why you can’t afford it. However, if you sit and work out the numbers, you quickly find coworking is much more affordable than renting traditional office space; for a plethora of reasons.

For starters, renting office space is a huge business expense that eats into your revenue more than any other line item in your budget. When you opt for a coworking membership and delete this hefty expense, and additional costs you didn’t consider, go with it.

Ambition Center MKE has curated the perfect office space with office furniture, décor, and office equipment you don’t have to buy. We also pay for all utilities and provide high-speed internet. These expenses and more can take your cost of renting a traditional office space well into the tens of thousands.

Additionally, our membership comes with leases and rates that won’t break the bank or lock you into a long-term contract for something that might not serve you for the entire length of the contract. All membership levels at Ambition Center MKE are flexible and paid on a month-to-month basis, and because they don’t require lengthy leases, you can quickly scale up or down to suit your business needs and your budget.

3. It’s just like working at a coffee shop.

Sure, you can grab a seat and hope to get work done at your favorite local spot where you go for your morning cup of Joe, but that does not make a coffee shop comparable to coworking. Ambition Center MKE is so much more than a place to sip coffee while you check emails or write a proposal. The amenities you’ll find at Ambition Center MKE, like conference rooms, printing, copy services, and more, aren’t things you can get at your favorite coffee café.

As a member of Ambition Center MKE, not only do you have access to coworking space and meeting rooms, we also offer a media and podcast room for creative entrepreneurs to create content. In addition, if you need an address for your business that’s not a P.O. Box or your home address, we have you covered there as well. As much as you can network and connect in the coffee shop, that pales in comparison to the free career coaching and events we host that bring resources, individuals, and organizations together to elevate your career or business to the next level.

4. It’s too noisy and disruptive.

Do people come to Ambition Center MKE to network? Yes. Is this the club? NO. At the root of everything Ambition Center MKE offers is a shared workspace in Milwaukee for remote professionals, Service-Based entrepreneurs, and freelancers tired of working from home. Simply put, members are in the building to work, and they know that. Our environment is full of like-minded individuals who use the space to create boundaries between work and home that increase productivity, focus, and creativity. Building community within our coworking space is important and encouraged, but not at the expense of the intended purpose of the shared workspace. Socializing always comes second to the primary reason members use our space: work.

With a new generation of individuals entering the workforce, the employment landscape has changed. As a result, work looks and feels differently. Ambition Center MKE is proud to be at the forefront of that change, providing alternative options to those whose work is different from the traditional and the familiar.

Change can be scary and comes with its unknowns and uncertainties, but know that if you require dedicated space to work – whether remotely or as a freelancer or entrepreneur – Ambition Center MKE goes above and beyond to meet that need.

What is Ambition Center MKE?

Ambition Center MKE Coworking is the most diverse and inclusive, and northernmost private office and coworking space in Milwaukee. We offer daily tours of our space. We are located at 530 E. Vienna Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212. Our team would love to meet you ... book a tour today!

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