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Top 7 Soft Skills Needed for Remote Work that You Gain in a Coworking Space

Remote work and work flexibility overall, two major byproducts of the pandemic’s attack on the economy, are likely here to stay. Employers realize that the desire for flexible work options isn’t a trend, and if they want to hire and keep the best, they have to compromise on this demand.

For the last two years, professionals have found a groove with remote work that allows for autonomy while still being productive – a type of free will absent in most workplaces. While professionals working to their own beat, increasing productivity, and making good use of their technical skills are all significant side effects of our “new normal,” a critical key to success in any career or professional endeavor is being sidelined.

Soft skills.

Soft skills take professionals with raw talent and intellect farther than any technical skill ever could. Success in any career or industry requires talent and enhanced technical skill, but to last, you’ll need the ability to consistently transform and connect, as working environments and business opportunities can shift at the drop of a dime.

In our rapidly changing workforce, professionals, especially young professionals who may just be starting their careers, have to maintain a good mix of technical and soft skills. Competing in the job market without that balance is a lose-lose for employees and the companies that want to hire them.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are habits and behaviors that govern how you work and interact with the people you work with. If a significant part of work is about building relationships (and it is), then soft skills support and reinforce those connections. In the strongest teams and workplaces, employees work cohesively without much difficulty because everyone gets along and can effectively interact with one another.

Communication. Critical thinking. Dependability. Creativity. Time management. Collaboration. Perseverance. Positive attitude. Conflict management. These are just a handful of soft skills in high demand on the job market.

What are the Essential 7 Soft Skills Needed for Remote Work?

Unlike technical skills or hard skills, soft skills are difficult to teach. No defined trajectory or path will get you from point A to B. Many of them boil down to personality and choices, which are highly subjective and personal, and subject to a candidate’s life and career experiences.

The seven essential remote work skills are:

  1. Resourcefulness

  2. Critical Thinking

  3. Influencing Others

  4. Time Management

  5. Clear Communication

  6. Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  7. Ability to Work Independently

In addition, here’s a list of important soft skills employers look for (click here).

How do Coworking Spaces Develop Soft Skills?

For many Gen Z (b. 1997-2012) professionals, building career experience starts with fully-remote work. Where they get the flexibility and autonomy that escaped other generations as they entered the workforce, Gen Z misses out on unlimited opportunities to build and enhance the skills that separate employees who can do the job from employees who can do the job well.

This is where coworking spaces come in to fill in the gap. Thanks to coworking offices like Ambition Center MKE, fully-remote work doesn’t have to mean sitting up in bed, alone with only your laptop and the few people you talk to on it to engage you. The social aspect inherently accessible in on-site work builds soft skills; you only learn how to interact with other people by being around other people. So, if your job or your work is remote, tap in with your local coworking space to satisfy that social need and hone your soft skills.

Ambition Center MKE offers a collaborative environment where professionals can work and network simultaneously. Our space is inclusive; as a member of Ambition Center MKE, you’ll always feel welcome and wanted. Included in your membership, along with office space, are workshops, coaching, and networking events that continuously help you study and develop these essential skills.

The Takeaway

It seems unimportant to concern yourself with something intangible like creativity or perseverance, but don’t skimp on what some might consider as the small details. Soft skills aren’t just cheat codes for making work easier; they are also highly transferable. It doesn’t matter what job you apply for, what business you want to start, or what project you want to lead; every single soft skill magnifies your potential and ability to do so.

If you have these skills or have used them in the past in on-site work and now you work remotely, ensure that you have consistent opportunities to use and strengthen them. Like technical skills, if you don’t regularly use your soft skills, you’ll struggle when you do. Keep them up to date in the same way you would a certified skill like graphic design.

If you work remotely and have limited opportunities to engage with other professionals, consider joining a coworking space to keep your skills fresh and add an essential social element to your workday.

What is Ambition Center MKE?

Ambition Center MKE Coworking is the most diverse and inclusive, and northernmost private office and coworking space in Milwaukee. We offer daily tours of our space. We are located at 530 E. Vienna Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212. Our team would love to meet you ... book a tour today!

Stay Ambitious!

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