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Highlighting Women-Owned Coworking Spaces in Milwaukee

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

“Across the globe, women are thriving in coworking spaces. ... March is Women’s History Month, where we celebrate and honor the women who have crashed through glass ceilings and broken barriers down.”

March is Women’s History Month, where we celebrate and honor the women who have crashed through glass ceilings and broken barriers down. Today, more women than ever before are investing in their personal and professional growth via education, career development, and more, as a direct result of women's roles in American history. Unfortunately, women’s contributions - politically, socially, economically, and culturally - are often overlooked and downplayed, as much of history paints famous and well-known men as the pioneers of all that we know today. Truthfully, women have advanced America forward as much as the men we’ve celebrated for the last few centuries.

One area where women are creating rapid change is business. In the United States, women-owned enterprises fuel the economy by growing 2x faster than all small businesses nationwide.[1] By the end of 2020, there were a reported 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States generating $1.8 trillion in annual revenue.[2] All data points to women continuing to push past the boundaries and roadblocks that made it difficult for women to succeed in the past. Ambition Center MKE wants to acknowledge and shout out all the Woman-owned businesses, especially those starting and thriving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A portion of women-owned businesses is represented by an increasing number of coworking spaces owned by and operated solely for women. There are both women-operated coworking spaced and women-only coworking spaces (not all coworking spaces owned by women are exclusive to women). Coworking spaces are providing a haven for women and people of color. As offices begin to reopen, it makes sense that groups that have been historically marginalized would rather stay home or choose alternative places to work. Instead of traditional offices (once referred to as the Boy’s Club), more women opt into private office and coworking spaces.

Across the globe, women are thriving in coworking spaces. In Women-only coworking offices, members can find events and areas fostering networking, wellness, and sisterhood – something women fight for in a traditional office setting where managers and coworkers view their needs and professional development as an afterthought.

Milwaukee has its own rising stars adding to the list of woman-owned coworking spaces. If you are in the Milwaukee area and looking to become a member or support a Woman-owned business, check out these following spaces.

Wellspace MKE

A collective for Mental Health and Wellness practitioners. This coworking space offers office space, networking, and other resources specific to practitioners with their own private practice.

Founder/Owner: Esperanza Winters

Address: 9205 W Center St #200, Milwaukee, WI 53222

The Business Coworking Lounge

The Business CoWorking Lounge is a sister company to The MommyPreneur company. It focuses on providing office space and resources that are women and mom-centered. Their coworking office is unique in that they have dedicated space for children to play while mom gets the space and time to work.

Founder/Owner: Sieria Payne

Address: 902 E Hamilton St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Malama Doe

MalamaDoe is a women-only coworking space that emphasizes supporting women entrepreneurs. There are dedicated desk and office spaces and an atmosphere and community that underscores the value of women connecting in healthy, positive ways to push for growth and success for every member.

Owner/Founder: Sheila Long

Address: 4465 North Oakland, Suite #201, Shorewood, WI 53211

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