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Connecting Culture & Coworking to Support Milwaukee Talent

"As the number of Milwaukee startups and entrepreneurs continue to rise, Ambition Center MKE wants to remain as a driving force behind what keeps professional and entrepreneurial talent connected to Milwaukee."

Small businesses and startups are growing in Milwaukee, especially in the Black community. COVID-19’s arrival on the scene shook up the world, and one of its long-lasting effects is the shift in how and where professionals and entrepreneurs work.

Work from home started as a temporary response to the dangers of coronavirus. Two years later, it’s still the safest and best option for continuing our careers and entrepreneurial endeavors during a pandemic. But what if working from home isolates you from essential facets of your career like networking, professional development, and having a dedicated space to ensure productivity and focus?

For Milwaukee professionals, Ambition Center MKE is the bridge that links them to the community where the people, resources, ideas, and culture they need to thrive all exist. In addition to the coworking office space you can use as an alternative to working from home, we offer various services and resources to support the professional talent in Milwaukee.

Resources to Support Black Talent in Milwaukee

The focus at Ambition Center MKE is coworking and culture. Since our opening in September 2021, we have committed to providing opportunities and resources that uphold that mission.

Business & Career Resources

With over 600 Black-owned businesses in Milwaukee, Ambition Center MKE provides solutions and resources that meet the growing needs of diverse business owners. We offer a virtual business address for entrepreneurs and businesses to access. This helps when building business credit, and it allows business owners to keep the business and the personal separate.

We frequently partner with other businesses in the Milwaukee area to connect our community of professionals and entrepreneurs with the resources they need to elevate. For example, we partnered with MODE Media Photography to offer free professional headshots.

We also hosted a free coffee event sponsored by Milwaukee’s own pop-up barista, Boujee Cup of Joe.

Events like these highlight other businesses in our community, helping startups, entrepreneurs, and more link with who and what they need to move their careers forward.

The Collaboration Corner

A core part of the culture at Ambition Center MKE is collaboration. We created the Collaboration Corner to amplify the powerful, connected voices of Milwaukee professionals through workshops and classes. Our members take advantage of our collaborator’s expertise and resources while simultaneously building community connections that inspire personal and professional growth.

Past events include Creating Financial Foundations with Latanza Parnell and Starting Your Nonprofit with Rashidah-Butler Jackson. Ambition Center MKE will continue supporting Milwaukee talent by collaborating with the ambitious and prosperous talent within our community.

Networking Opportunities

As the saying goes, “it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.” An adage that gives a nod to networking your way through your career or into success as an entrepreneur. It’s about more than rubbing elbows and exchanging business cards, though.

At Ambition Center MKE, we constantly create opportunities for members to surround themselves with successful, profitable entrepreneurs and other talented professionals and creatives. Our culture and community thrive off going farther and faster together.

So, whether you’re regularly coworking in our office or you attend our events, you’ll find no shortage of ambitious individuals to inspire you to reach your next level.

Studio & Event Space Rentals

Our space isn’t just for coworking, and we have room for more than just offices. Creative entrepreneurs and freelancers like photographers and podcast hosts can rent the space for their professional needs, eliminating the potentially expensive monthly rent for a private studio.

Community organizations and other professionals can also access event space for team building, community programming, and more! Our members come for the coworking, but they stay for the culture and community we’ve built.

Our coworking culture emboldens Milwaukee professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs to take control of their professional lives in ways they might have struggled with before the pandemic forced a large part of the workforce out of the office.

As the number of Milwaukee startups and entrepreneurs continue to rise, Ambition Center MKE wants to remain as a driving force behind what keeps professional and entrepreneurial talent connected to Milwaukee.

What is Ambition Center MKE?

Ambition Center MKE Coworking is the most diverse and inclusive, and northernmost private office and coworking space in Milwaukee. We are Black-owned and solving the remote (working from home) challenges faced by many professionals in 2022.

We are located at 530 E. Vienna Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212. We offer daily tours of our space. We offer private offices, general coworking space, a media room, event space, and conference rooms. Our team would love to meet you—book a tour today!

Stay Ambitious!


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